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Birmingham: AAH Architectural and Historical An anonymous blog about Birmingham's buildings -http://expbirmingham.wordpress.com/

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David Fisher's Brummages.. (or What Is It Like Now?) - http://brummages.blogspot.com/ - Although David stopped posting in 2016, still worth a look.

Laura's Hamilton's blog, A Brummie's Guide to Birmingham - http://brummiesguidetobirmingham.blogspot.com/2012_05_01_archive.html  - Although Laura stopped posting in 2012, still worth a look..

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Carl Baker's Carl's Brum Blog - http://carlsbrumblog.blogspot.com/ - Although Carl stopped posting in 2009, still worth a look.

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Diary of James Fitzjames Fraser West, a Victorian Surgeon - http://jamesfraserwest.livejournal.com/