Four Ways, Rednal

B45 - Grid reference SO999759


At the foot of the Lickey Hills at Rednal, this Four Ways is the junction of Lickey Road, Groveley Lane, Barnt Green Road and Rose Hill, and was so-named probably from the end of the 19th century. It is now known as Rose Hill Roundabout.


See Rednal and Lickey.



A postcard of Four Ways in 1909. The photographer is standing in Lickey Road; Rose Hill is to the right.

This All Rights Reserved image is courtesy of Deryk at Postcard World with whose kind permission it is reproduced here. See Acknowledgements for a direct link to his website. 

William Dargue 18.12.08/ 02.08.2010



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Map below reproduced from Andrew Rowbottom’s website of Old Ordnance Survey maps Popular Edition, Birmingham 1921.

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