B14 - Grid reference SP056793

Bradmedwe first record 1237

This is a self-explanatory topographical name recalled in the streetname, Broad Meadow Lane. Meadow was pastureland, here along the moist fertile valley of the River Rea near Kings Norton. In 1363 Geoffrey de Haukeslowe granted to Richard de Haukeslowe, his son?, the watermill on the River Rea known as Bradenmedewemilne - Braden-medewe-milne. This was later known as Hawkeslowesmull. See Hawkesley.



William Dargue 03.09.08 / 31.07.2010



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Map below reproduced from Andrew Rowbottom’s website of Old Ordnance Survey maps Popular Edition, Birmingham 1921. Click the map to link to that website.